Save hours per team member. Transform information volume into a competitive advantage

Accumulate and democratize institutional knowledge
All work done using MosaiQ populates your company knowledge based which can then be accessed through the assistant. You are accumulating knowledge on the go, making every bit of insights re-usable by different teams, and all knowledge captured forever
Save thousands of hours of overwhelming & redundant tasks
Augment your workforce with an intelligent companion that focuses on doing the tasks that are time consuming and enable you to cover more, in less time. Stop having your human assets spend half their time doing work that can be automated.
Build a centralized knowledge base - your personal Google
Everything knowledge workers do is manipulating information. If this information goes through a platform in a centralized way, it gets effortlessly organized and curated. The entirety of the information ever processed, organized as strategic insights available to all employees in seconds.
Accumulate high quality knowledge & turn volume into intelligence
As you accumulate data about a topic or subject, volume will gradually turns into insights: trends, past versus present, predictions, and many more. Information overload transforms from a burden to a strategic opportunity: using knowledge as a competitive advantage

The smartest investment for you business.

Empower your workforce to stop spending half of their time on redundant & overwhelming tasks that can be automated. Productize your knowledge. Make it a competitive advantage.

2.5 hours
avg daily time spent by knowledge workers finding or recreating institutional knowledge. Out of a team of 3, this means completely wasting the efforts of 1
Of workers experience significant stress and poor health due to the volume of information they are required to process
Of the information we produce & consume is unstructured and never analyzed & re-used

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Connect custom databases to your assistant
Integrate into your platforms or websites
Select privacy settings and the AI system you prefer to rely on
Audit of workflows and automation options
AI implementation strategy
Transaction advisory
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Connect MosaiQ to all of your work platforms containing information, such as storage spaces, note taking apps, chats etc

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50 AI responses in total (insights, assistant)