Don’t let information overload waste your time and energy

Stop switching between screens and tools

All information & data unified in one knowledge platform, in simple clicks. Use the browser extension or directly upload and connect to knowledge sources in-app. Keep using the tools you love, we extract and unify the information they contain for you

Stop skimming and get to the right data faster

Let your AI do the skimming. Get insights on individual or multiple documents at once. An interactive experience, like having your personal analyst sitting next to you and doing the heavy lifting.

Structure, accumulate and re-use knowledge

100% of your work becomes easily reusable, and compounds into intelligence. Use the same knowledge base for different projects. Capitalize on previous work.

Make data-driven decision and fast-track deliverables

Navigate through thousands of pages in seconds, operate in one environment, leverage previous knowledge. Elevate your analysis capabilities while getting rid of the redundant, time consuming parts

Leverage all the information you cross-path with for present or future work

Accumulate information in clicks, from multiple platforms & formats to make it easily retrievable and consumable in one place. Grow your knowledge base

Navigate volume and find what you need

Get access to insights about individual documents, or to multiple ones through Symba, the assistant. From summaries and quotes to asking for contradicting or supporting information about an argument in thousands of pages

Keep control over input, output, and structure

Use the organizer to handpick key insights that should be used, and the structure that should be followed, delivering the outcome you really need and want, with control

"I save 2h+ per day & feel less overwhelmed"

"Starting in consulting, data can be overwhelming. With MosaiQ, I can easily unify and organize vast information. It’s saved me hours in analysis and prep, allowing me to focus on creating impactful presentations on tight deadlines."

Emily, Intern - Consulting

"The most boring and time consuming part of my job is gone: no more skimming"

"MosaiQ has been a game-changer. It streamlines my research, grouping data in a cohesive manner. I no longer spend endless hours skimming through raw data, and I'm confident about the insights I present."

Raj, Junior Analyst - Investment Analysis and Research

“I just know where to put all my data and analyze it, which makes my process much smoother”

"Whether I'm preparing a financial report or gathering passive insights for future reference, MosaiQ ensures everything is in one place. The ease with which I can transition from passive data accumulation to active analysis has transformed our workflows."

Samantha, Financial Associate - Finance

“I am the lazy and chaotic kind. MosaiQ is like having an intern that does the heavy lifting where I am less needed”

"In Private Equity, every minute counts. MosaiQ not only allows me to systematically store and retrieve data but also structures my thought process. This has sped up our deliverable production substantially."

Lucas, Senior Researcher - Private Equity

“I’ve accumulated data and been able to produce investment memos 5x faster”

"From accumulating insights on emerging sectors to diving deep into potential investments, MosaiQ is my go-to. It organizes both my data and my thoughts, helping me pivot from passive understanding to active decision-making effortlessly."

Jasmine, Associate - Venture Capital

“The perfect companion throughout my research & report building process”

"Working in market research means juggling vast amounts of data. MosaiQ has been pivotal in helping me centralize this data. Whether I'm passively building an industry understanding or actively preparing a report, the platform ensures I'm always steps ahead."

Carlos, Research Coordinator - Market Research

MosaiQ for Enterprise

Save hours per team member. Transform information volume into a competitive advantage

Unlimited projects
Maximum 100 articles / files uploads
Maximum 2500 pages of PDFs analyzed
Projects shareable in view only
50 AI responses in total (insights, assistant)