We want to transform knowledge work

Our mission is to empower knowledge workers to focus on the creative and stimulating aspects of work, while AI agents take care of the rest. This start by unifying and productiyzing knowledge to power workflow automation.

What we do

We're not in the business of selling at any cost or running after unrealistic, aggressive monthly numbers.

We center people in everything we do and we love working with companies that share our ethos. Since inception

85% Boost

Our users report an average increase in research and analysis efficiency after integrating our AI-powered information hub into their workflows.

50% Faster

With the insights provided by our platform, our clients experience a significant acceleration in their decision-making processes, leading to quicker project turnarounds.

95% Satisfaction

A testament to our platform's efficacy, 95% of our users are highly satisfied with the enhancements MosaiQ Labs has brought to their work endeavors

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Unlimited projects
Maximum 100 articles / files uploads
Maximum 2500 pages of PDFs analyzed
Projects shareable in view only
50 AI responses in total (insights, assistant)