About Us

We are a diverse and distributed team on a mission to democratize natural language processing capabilities for all. This means putting automatic information processing & understanding at the core of products that will perform some of your work & assist you. You will get rid of time consuming and redundant tasks, and be enabled to focus on the creative and critical thinking parts of your work.  


Our Story

In the past, our team has  - both from a scientific and business perspective - had to write academic papers, investment memos, market research reports and many other types of projects. This required getting familiar with unknown topics, covering large volumes of information, making sense out of them and producing relevant & information backed content reports. This is the daily life of many, especially in knowledge intensive, generalist industries (consultants, investors,  market researchers, content writers etc). Doing this made us suffer from two key inefficiencies. 

First, collecting information, organizing it, digesting it and saving it is extremely chaotic. We all have 38 browser tabs open, the information is scattered across documents, platforms, storage spaces, and many more. 

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Image by Markus Spiske
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Second, and most importantly, consuming information in a diligent way has become extremely inefficient. Access to information is now easy. Curation is inefficient. The volume of information on any topic is growing at an exponential rate. This means that to perform a diligent information review, one must cover ever larger amounts of diverse information sources. This  results in reading the same things over and over again, to find small, valuable insights.

While this is a very specific problem, within a certain scope, we realized that information, and text, are at the center of everything we do. Collaboration and productivity, knowledge management and sharing, analytics and business intelligence, decision making and opinion tracking. The list goes on.


We are thus combining our technical expertise and business knowledge to deliver the next ubiquitous suite of products that have information processing as a core design principle.


Products that let you get rid of mundane, inefficient tasks, and let you focus on the most exciting aspects of your work. Products that let you focus on what you do best, while doing the rest for you. Products that work for you, with you.


Products that define what the future of work should look like.